About Fifth Avenue’s Compliance Services

CMS has been continually refining its regulations regarding screening to combat Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.  This is in response to several directives laid out for CMS in the Affordable Care Act.

As of now, the regulations are requiring any entity (including “downstream” participants) participating in any federally funded healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage plans) to abide by far more stringent screening protocols than in the past.  Federal guidelines now require not only the healthcare provider’s themselves but also “managing employees” and vendors to undergo felony background checks and monthly monitoring of the OIG/GSA/SAM exclusion lists.  Non-compliance will result in excessive fines and fees, including refunds of Medicare payments.

We have developed the ability to do the background checks as well as do automated monitoring of the exclusion lists.

The service includes:

  • Monthly monitoring of the OIG/GSA/SAM exclusion lists
  • Initial hiring and annual reporting of felony background checks
  • Monthly reporting that fulfills your group’s compliance with the new regulations
  • Private web portal with 24/7 access to your groups report and ability to manage your list of individuals and entities

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